Start with English Pre-Starter
Start with English Pre-Starter

Start with English Pre-Starter «978-0-462-00679-6»

Артикул: 978-0-462-00679-6
Цена: 144 руб.

Start with English Pre-Starter is an introductory book for young learners that prepares them for Start with English A. Pupils are introduced to the basics of the English language, including the 26 letters of the alphabet and their sounds, high-frequency words, numbers 110, simple language structures, phrases and sentence patterns, and phonics.
A variety of fun and engaging activities include: tracing, writing, reading, singing, phonics and colouring.
Phonics activities develop and test pupils ability to recognise initial, medial and final word sounds.
Teacher/parent notes on each page provide teaching guidance and ideas for extension activities.

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