Satellite People
Satellite People

Satellite People «978-1-447-23277-3»

Артикул: 978-1-447-23277-3
Цена: 776 руб.

The date is 10th May 1969. DSI Kolbjorn K2 Kristiansen is in his Oslo office when he receives a phone call from Ferdinand Schjelderup, the legendary multi-millionaire and resistance fighter. Schjelderup wants to see DSI Kristiansen about a family matter: one of his nearest and dearest is planning to kill him. Before the meeting takes place, Schjelderup collapses and dies during a Sunday dinner, at which ten members of his circle are present. The powerful, much disliked patriarch has been poisoned and the murderer sat at his dining table. Exactly on which seat is the question that drives this thrilling crime story. The plot thickens, as one mysterious letter after another warns of further deaths among the guests at Ferdinand Schjelderup"s last meal. DSI Kristiansen needs help and he seeks it from his secret consultant, professor Borchmann"s part-paralysed, witty daughter Patricia Louise I. E. Borchmann. Hans Olav Lahlum"s Satellite People will once again grip readers with a modern, ingenious mystery while taking them back into Norway"s fascinating past...

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