Past Perfect. Richard Shaprio Houses and Gardens
Past Perfect. Richard Shaprio Houses and Gardens

Past Perfect. Richard Shaprio Houses and Gardens «978-0-8478-4740-2»

Артикул: 978-0-8478-4740-2
Цена: 4727 руб.

A legendary designer demonstrates the alchemyrequired to create a home that seems cultivatedover many generations. Renowned designer and antiques dealer RichardShapiro devotes his first book to the art of creatingrefined, cultivated spaces that transport their inhabitantsto a heritage of distant lands and past epochs. Designers and home owners who wish to endowhomes with authentic European charm and characterwill be inspired by Shapiro s gift for creating genuineOld World savoir faire. The book focuses on the two much-imitated homesand gardens of Richard Shapiro, which provide awealth of inspiration and a broad array of examplesrelated to living graciously with antiques, decorativepainting and other finishes, and marrying centuriesoldbuilding materials with new construction. Shapiro shares ideas from his work as a designer aswell as lessons learned from years of collecting andselling antiques and fine art. As a manufacturer offurnishings with a distinctly European sensibility, healso brings to bear a thorough knowledge of productionprocesses and finishing techniques that simulateauthentic Old World archetypes. With exquisite newphotography, the book also functions as a masterclass, filled with illustrations and takeaways forreaders, offering practical ideas and creative inspirationsfor imbuing a home with a romantic mood anda timeworn sensibility.

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