Ours are the Streets
Ours are the Streets

Ours are the Streets «978-0-330-51581-8»

Артикул: 978-0-330-51581-8
Цена: 873 руб.

Imtiaz Raina has decided to die. He has one last thing he wants to do: to write an account of his final months so that his wife Becka and their daughter, Noor, understand why. But as he tells of his youth in a working-class estate on the edge of Sheffield, of growing up on the rainy streets, of his love affair with Becka, and of his father"s death and the trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan that changed everything, we begin to realise that the truth is far more complex than Imtiaz wants us to believe. Raw, tender, furious, funny, vulnerable, selfish, desperate, proud: Ours are the Streets is a portrait of a young man"s crisis, caught between two worlds and belonging in neither - and an exploration of the violent, desperate, selfish step he imagines he will take to answer the question of who he finally is. I"m having to stop myself from reading back through what I"ve written. Keep myself going forward. Need to get to the end.

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