The World of Birds
The World of Birds

The World of Birds

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Explore the wonders of the avian world with this ultimate reference book. The World of Birds is both a comprehensive guide to every aspect of bird life and a concise survey of the world"s orders and families of birds. It begins by defining the distinguishing features of birds before going on to describe their evolution since the age of the dinosaurs. With the aid of fact boxes and clear photographs, it then explores in greater detail each of the significant elements of bird life: bird biology including anatomy, walking and swimming, plumage, calls and songs; flight techniques and styles; food and feeding; bird lifestyles and social relationships; breeding, growth and development; bird geography and habitats; and the mysteries of migration. The book contains a comprehensive survey of the world"s birds which includes details of every one of the 29 orders and each of the approximately 200 families. Reflecting the latest classification changes to the Howard & Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World, it explains how birds are classified and provides an outline of the system of classification. Lastly, but significantly, the book considers human attitudes towards birds through the ages. Sumptuously illustrated throughout with photographs, maps and diagrams, The World of Birds is a book every bird watcher should own.

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