Colorful Retreats
Colorful Retreats

Colorful Retreats

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Colours can be magic. Chris Mestdagh, one of the most versatile Belgian designers, demonstrates this in the book "Colorful Retreats", in which he shows us his favourite colour palettes by means of several decorative settings. When decorating he succeeds in creating a balanced mix of styles by means of his well considered collections in which he combines antique and vintage elements. Like no other designer, Chris Mestdagh succeeds in expressing our emotions with colour time and again. Playing with soft natural shades and exceptional blends of colours, he always seems to create a safe and peaceful harbour, a place where you can come to your senses, where you can feel at home. No shocking or trendy effects; just a refreshing simplicity that helps to clear the mind and allows the soul to breathe. However, Chris Mestdagh never colours quietly within the lines. Both with his previous "Colors with a View" which presented five trend-setting collections of paints and wall papers, and this new title, the designer proves that serenity is not limited to infinite variations of beige. Nothing of the kind.

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